FAQ – Ruck March 2019


What is a Ruck March?

A Ruck March is the way our troops get from point A to point B on foot. Soldiers carry their own gear and move themselves to their destination under their own power. A “Ruck” is the military’s version of a backpack. The backbone of military movement, Ruck Marches have been used as training exercises since the inception of the military.

Why do we Ruck?

Ruck Marching was one of Captain Foster’s favorite activities. Though he did not have the size of some of his peers, his sheer will and determination always kept him at the front of any ruck march. We want to honor is memory and keep his legacy alive.

How far do we Ruck?

There will be a 5 mile and 10 mile course.

How much do we carry in our Ruck?

All participants are encouraged to carry 15% of their body weight as your personal “combat load.” A standard combat load is approximately 35 pounds. However, you’re not going to combat. A scale will be available at the start point to weigh-in, if you choose. This is purely an honor system – carry as much or as little as you want.

How much does it cost to register? Is there a Fundraising Goal?

Registration is $25 for participants over 18, free for folks under 18. Please consider a fundraising goal of $50 per entrant to help raise funds for service dogs that support our wounded veterans.

Do I walk or run with my Ruck?

Most people walk. However, if you’re up to the challenge, do a ‘forced’ ruck and run. Hooah!!

What sort of bag or pack do I use as my Ruck?

Any backpack or hiking bag will do. Stores like REI, EMS, or I Goldberg have great options.

What do I fill my Ruck with?

Anything you want! Sandbags or gallons of water are popular choices. Dense, heavy items mixed with sheets or clothes to stabilize your load are great options, too.

I would like to volunteer for this event – how do I do that?

You can sign up here.

How do I register?

You can register here.