Q: How do I fundraise?

A: We have BIG goals this year. We are challenging you to help us raise $50,000 for this year’s Foster 100. The top fundraisers will be recognized; anyone who raises over $300 will be issued a custom challenge coin. All riders must raise at least $100. Use your personal fundraising link here. Search for your name.

Q: Where do we start?
A: All riders start at Commerce Square located at 2005 Market Street in Philadelphia.

Q: Is there parking at the start?

A: Parking is available below Commerce Square for only $5, courtesy of our friends at Brandywine Realty Trust. Entrance is on 21st Street, just North of Market Street. You will need a parking voucher from Team Foster personnel, available at jersey pick-up. Vehicles may be left all day for the same price. **CAUTION: parking garage has a low ceiling. Do NOT enter with your bike on a roof rack. It will not survive entry.**

Q: Is there transportation back to Philly?

A: We encourage your family and friends to meet you in Cape May to celebrate at the after-party. The Foster 100 also offers return transport for you and your bike for an additional $15. Select “need transportation” while registering.

Q: Will you have rest stops?

A: We will have 4 rest stops with food, beverages, and encouragement from our Volunteer Army.

Q: What if I have a problem on the ride?

A: The Foster 100 is fully supported and escorted. We’ll have mechanical and medical support as well as escort vehicles for every platoon/team. No rider left behind!

Q: Am I required to ride with my assigned platoon?

A: The Foster 100 is about more than just riding your bike. It’s about teamwork, camaraderie, and honoring the legacy of fallen soldier. Riding in teams/platoons demonstrates commitment to a shared mission. And when the community sees a large group of cyclists in matching jerseys, they take notice of the riders and Team Foster’s mission.

Q: How are platoons assigned?

A: Platoon assignments are based on experience and ability and will be announced approximately one week prior to ride day. Please provide an accurate pace when you register; you may adjust your pace as the ride date gets closer. Platoons will have 10-25 riders with one platoon leader who sets pace, answers questions, and provides motivation.

Q: How fast will my platoon ride?
A: The goal pace for each platoon will be determined by the total number of riders and ability level. Goal pace is defined as the platoon’s speed on a flat, straight road without wind. This speed may vary depending on conditions. Goal pace is different than “average speed.”

Q: What if I’ve never ridden as part of a big group?

A: No problem. Let your platoon leader know and (s)he will offer tips, support, and answer questions. You must ride as part of your platoon. This doesn’t necessarily mean pace lines or pelotons, but riders are discouraged from hanging off the back. Riding alone is not permitted. You’ll find that riding together is not only a lot more fun, but also MUCH easier (teamwork makes the dream work).

Q: What if I want to ride with someone who has a different ability or experience level?

A: We get it! Who doesn’t want to ride with their friends? Just let us know that while completing your registration. Individual riders may ‘opt-down’ to a slower ride platoon with friends.

Q: Dude, 100 miles seems like a really long way.

A: It is a long way. Completing a “century” is a challenge. That’s the point. But preparation, determination, and teamwork will get you to the finish line in Cape May. You can do it. You will finish. And we’ll be right there with you – no rider left behind.

Q: Do I have to wear a Foster 100 jersey?
A: Say wha?? Why wouldn’t you want to wear one? They look slick and all our riders will be in them. We are also offering Foster 100 shorts and bib shorts at cost.

Q: What is the inclement weather plan?
A: charlie mike. The inclement weather plan is to ride. There is no make-up date. In the event of severe weather, you should expect that the Foster 100 will happening. In the event of dangerous weather conditions, the ride may be delayed or paused. Please watch your email, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook for real-time updates.

Q: If I registered but do not ride, do I still get a Foster 100 jersey?
A: All jerseys must be picked-up at the designated jersey pick-up or on ride day. Jerseys will not be mailed or delivered after ride day. Team Foster reserves the right to swap or sell jerseys that are not picked-up.

Q: When can I pick up my jersey?

A: Jersey pick up will be on September 8, 2-6pm at Field House. If you cannot make this time, you can also pick-up your jersey the morning of the ride if you check-in by 6am.

Q: Is there a finish party?

A: Of course there is! This all-inclusive after party is free for all riders and volunteers. DJ, food courtesy of Famous Dave’s, Beer courtesy of Dogfish Head Brewing. Family and friends are welcome to join us. Tickets available here. Location: Naval Air Station Wildwood Aviation Museum.