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Veterans & Service Members lose the battle to suicide per day.

Our Mission is to go a little farther to support the needs of combat veterans.

Team Foster honors the spirit and sacrifice of Captain Erick Foster who was killed while engaging enemy forces in 2007 in Iraq. Erick pushed himself and those around him to be better. Erick is our inspiration.

“What has Team Foster done for me? It’s the contact, the invitations, the constant ‘How are you doing, do you need anything?’ They’re there for us.”

SGT Mike Geib

“Team Foster stuck behind me. When Spence had a hurdle, they provided everything we needed.”

Curtis & Spence

“Because of SSD TieRod and working with the proper people, I no longer look in the rearview mirror, I look out the front windshield because there’s a lot more to see.”

SGM (R) Robert Lighty

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We’re always looking for a few good men and women to share their time and talent during our fundraising events.

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Team Foster events, including cycling, spin events and Veteran fundraisers are expanding!

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More than one in four Veterans suffers from post traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. Find out how you can help.

Our Sponsors

We are so thankful for the support of these organizations and applaud them for giving back to the service men and women that make our country a safe place to operate. You too can add your company’s mark to our wall of sponsors and become a part of this growing foundation, honoring the life of Captain Foster, those that have fallen alongside him, those that have returned home less-than-able to live the lives that they deserve, and their families.
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weareteamfoster  #noheroleftbehind

How has it already been almost a month since RR PGH?! We're already itching for RR Philly 2022 how about you? (the rhyme was intentional btw. We're poets over here)
Missed Ruff Ride Pittsburgh? Take a look at this highlight reel to see what you missed!🦮❤️🤍💙🇺🇸 #spincuddlerepeat
What's the best way to motivate you through a 24 hour spin event? Dogs. Coffee too but mostly dogs. #spincuddlerepeat
Craig and Foxy enjoying some time at Ruff Ride Pittsburgh! If you talk to Craig for ANY amount of time, you'll know how much of a positive impact Foxy has had on his life. #servicedogssavelives
The Team Foster community is growing. We are so incredibly proud and excited to announce that Team Foster is adding another fantastic org to our resources for Veterans. 

Team Foster has pledged $100,000 in support to Guardian Angel Service Dogs (@guardian_angels_msdogs) (GAMSD). Not only has GAMSD partnered hundreds of Vets to date they are also building a campus in the Pittsburgh area. 

TF is grateful for the opportunity to partner with another great organization and continue to grow our impact on Veterans.
#weareteamfoster #noheroleftbehind
Our riders got some puppy love last night from @susquehannaservicedogs 

Bob (pictures) has been on this bike since we started yesterday at noon. Yes; you read that right. He has been cycling this WHOLE time! We’re impressed to say the least. #ruffridepgh #spincuddlerepeat
Roc getting some puppy love! Who said dogs and cats can’t get along?! We are a little over 4.5 hours into RR PGH and we’re still going strong! #ruffridepgh #spincuddlerepeat @susquehannaservicedogs @rocthepanther
Psssttttt. We have puppies. 🐶🐾🇺🇸#ruffridepgh #spincuddlerepeat
AND WE ARE OFF! Stay tuned for updates over the next 24 #ruffridepgh #spincuddletepeat
TOMORROW is Ruff Ride PGH! 

Recently, we set up this white board on Pitt's campus and asked people passing to tell us what mental health means to them. Mental Health challenges are something that so many struggle with. We are here to raise money to be able to provide the resources to our Vets who are silently suffering.

We know it, you know it, our vets definitely know it: service dogs save lives. 

Come out and support Ruff Ride PGH at Schenley Plaza on Friday and Saturday!
All smiles over here because we are only TWO days away from bringing Ruff Ride to Pittsburgh!

There's still time to sign your team up, join an existing team, or volunteer! Link in our bio and head to the events tab ❤️ 💙 

Photo ft. Antasia and SSD Cookie Dough!
It's Thursday and I'm sure you're all dying to know how the Foster 100 Classic went this past weekend! To be honest, we're still in awe of the dedication and heart that our riders put out and the outpour of support from our volunteers. 

Fundraising is open until September 30th so there is still time to donate and help us meet/ exceed our fundraising goal! We will be announcing final numbers at the end of the month along with the leaders of our Virtual Foster 100 week! 

Now on to some MUCH deserved thank you's: 
If you were at the event, you know this wouldn't be possible without our Foster 100 event committee headed by Matt Braden.
Those folks include: 
Randy Sylvester, Bill Maurer, Dan Griffin, Scott Downie, Karen Neptune, Mike Gordon, Ken Sanford, John Raisch, Glynis Raisch, Maris Raisch, Jill Vanderpool, Brian Vanderpool, and Jon Owens. 

Next, our partners: 
Sponsors Precise Systems, JMT Machine Company & Ken Sanford for the dog tags, Hammer Nutrition, Dogfish Head Beer, Atlantic Brewing, Tricycle Cafe and Bikes, Bustleton Bikes, Circle Cycle, Action Wheels, Chick-Fil-A Cumberland, NJ, Canada Dry, Fragout, Primal Wear, Caprioni Portable Toilets, Gleeson's Liquors, Wegman's, NAS Wildwood, Legion Riders, Cooper River Park Management & the Camden County Park System, American Legion Post 452, Upper Deerfield Ambulance Squad, Mauricetown Fire Department, American Legion Post #198 , Susquehanna Service Dogs. 

And finally, everyone in between: Our platoon leaders, assistant platoon leaders, lead car drivers and navigators, mechanics, motorcycles, and our start, rest stop, and finish line volunteers. 

Holy 🐄. Erick would be so proud. Thank you. #foster100 #charliemike
Our last F100 Rider Highlight of the week! Get ready because tomorrow, WE RIDE!

✨Meet Rich!✨

"For 37 years, as a homicide prosecutor in Philly, we fought a daily battle of war on the streets. Young men & women cut down in their primes, often for nothing more than a dollar, a slight or perceived act of disrespect. But we went home every night. 

The men & women of our armed services fight much more dangerous & risky battles, these wars abroad, for us - to keep us safe here. And they often come home hurt & in great need. This ride is for them. 

A close & dear friend, Nick Liermann, conceived, planned, executed and provided the heart & soul of this endeavor from Day 1. We shared a party wall for years in fighting this battle within. Then he’d go off and serve our country abroad.  His hero, CPT Foster, died for us. Nick…is my hero. 

Cycling quite literally has done more for me than I ever could do for and with it. It has literally saved my life, having more than one life-threatening illness (including cardiac) in the last 10 years. I truly believe I’d not be here without the bike."
Buckle up for this F100 Rider spotlight, folks! We are absolutely floored at the determination of rider, Samar Jha. Phenomenal dedication and true grit. We are so honored and proud to have you on our team, Samar 💪

"My name is Samar Jha. I live in Philadelphia with my wife, Anjali Chainani (also a 3-time Foster 100 rider), our dog Cashew, and two cats Miso & Tamarind. This is my 4th Foster 100 ride. I was introduced to Team Foster by Matthew Braden, who has been part of Team Foster since its inception. I work for AARP’s national Government Affairs team as a Senior Legislative Representative. And I am glad to share that as part of AARP's commitment to a Day of Service, all staff are encouraged to volunteer in some form. AARP staff throughout the country can choose a nonprofit with which to engage in activities and I will always choose Team Foster.

Team Foster means a lot to Anjali and me. We strongly believe in the mission of helping our wounded veterans. Also, we love animals and raising dollars for service dogs for our veterans is our way of thanking them. 

I was scheduled to do 100 miles in person with other riders. I had been preparing for the ride for the past couple of months by riding almost every day outside or on my Peloton. However, on August 10, I suffered an unexpected heart attack due to predisposed genetic risk despite my young age. I was rushed to the hospital for an emergency procedure and was in the ICU for two days. The doctors advised me not to do the 100 miler on September 11, 2021. While it will take me time to process this harrowing event, I know I am blessed. During my first follow up appointment, the doctor cleared me to get back on my bike. This means I will plan to do 100 miles (or more) over the course of one week rather than one day.

While I did suffer a slight setback due to my health, I love cycling, and I love Team Foster for what they stand for. I know I am going to be ok, and I am so grateful to be able to participate in Foster 100 for the 4th time." @samarjha
Foster Week riders are going STRONG 💪

✨It's Thursday morning and we have another rider spotlight for you! Meet Charlie! ✨
Charlie is showing EXTREME dedication and perseverance as he will be riding in the F100 Classic only 15 weeks after having hip replacement surgery! 

"Hi, my name is Charlie Allen and I’m a Penn State graduate originally from Emmaus, Pa., now residing in Roxborough. This will be my fourth year riding the Foster 100 and as a member of the Team Foster Volunteer Army. Cycling and woodworking top off the list of my favorite hobbies. In 2018, I was looking to take on the challenge of my first century ride and a friend discovered the Foster 100. Service dogs, cycling, and helping our veterans! I was immediately hooked. I may not have served but Team Foster has inspired me to step up and actually do something to show our veterans that we care and are aware of the challenges they face. What’s kept me involved is actually meeting veterans we have helped and hearing their stories, seeing the connection to their service dogs first hand, petting puppies in training, multiple other fun events during the year, and the many new friendships that I’ve formed. This year is extra special because we are riding on the 20th Anniversary of 9/11 and in a way, I am once again challenging myself to ride my first century 15 weeks after hip replacement surgery. With the help of Platoon 6, I will “Charlie Mike”!!!"
Another rider spotlight for the Foster 100! We. Are. So. HYPE. 

🌟Meet Josh!🌟

"Several years ago a high school friend, Matt Braden, reached out to me to tell me about Team Foster, it’s mission, and how and why it began. I am a veteran myself and remain active with the American Legion. I’m also active with various endurance activities from trail and road running to trail, mountain, and road cycling. In hearing about Team Foster, I recognized there was a way to tie it all together in the most meaningful of ways.

After hearing about what Team Foster represented, I simply just wanted to know how I could be involved. I began as a rider and have been involved as a Platoon Leader for the past few years and participated in the inaugural Oil To Iron. As I became involved with Team Foster so too did many of my brothers and sisters with my local American Legion. The American Legion Riders from Post 281 ride their motorcycles and volunteer their time to escort Foster 100 cyclists on the day of the event. My fellow Legionnaires and SONS at 281 donate to contribute to the Team Foster Mission. It is humbling to say the least and an honor to be on this Team.

Team Foster has stepped up to fill a necessary void in providing our veterans in need, our heroes, with a valuable resource which can be life saving for many veterans and life altering at a minimum. I have seen firsthand how pairing a service dog with a veteran in need, a resource not provided by the VA, changes the trajectory of that veteran’s life in the most positive of ways. We suffer together for over 100 miles but come to appreciate that we are fortunate to be able to feel what we feel, to do what we are doing, knowing that we have a direct and positive impact. It really puts into perspective how fortunate we are and how necessary it is for us to give back. 

Cycling for me is more about how it makes me feel rather than quantifying my stats. It’s about that sense of adventure and the amazing people that you meet along the way.  At times, overcoming challenges or difficult courses.. Or creating my own course.

You know where I’ll be on September 11 no matter what the weather.. Charlie Mike!"
Happy Wednesday, friends! 🐪

🌟Introducing today's rider spotlight: Danielle! Danielle is an inspiration to all of us here at TF and we are so thankful to have her on our team. 🌟

"This will be my 4th year riding in the Foster 100.  Like so many things in my life, I learned about this event from my mom.  Her and a group of her friends participated in the ride 5 years ago under the name Beers & Gears.  Being an avid triathlete at the time, I thought this would be a fun way to close out the season. While I’ve participated in many athletic events in my life, I had only done them for charity a few times.  After my first year, I was hooked.  What’s not to love about an organization that combines helping veterans, dogs and cycling! 

It just so happens that I credit the Foster 100 with helping me discover a life threatening condition affecting my heart and possibly saving my life.  My first year riding with Team Foster I had a lot of trouble getting my legs to turn over at about mile 17.  As my team progressed further into the ride, I began to fall off the back and couldn’t understand exactly what was happening.  Bonking seemed like a logical explanation; so I ate some sugar and powered through.  After the first rest stop, things improved but I still felt a bit off all day.  LONG story short; this was the first time I had experienced a heart arrhythmia.  Fortunately, mine was easily fixed with a procedure called a cardiac ablation. While my surgery forced me off my bike for a few months, I was able to bounce back in time for my second Foster 100. This was my come back ride of 2019 and continues to provide motivation year after year. 

While I’m not currently competing in triathlons, the Foster 100 helps fuel my competitive spirit by raising as much money as I can for this great organization.  Plus, it gives me a reason to ride my bike. Have I mentioned how much I like riding my bike?  I guess you could say in some ways this organization gave me another chance at life. My desire is to pay that forward by contributing to this great organization that supports our veterans."
Good afternoon TF Fam! We're back with another Rider Spotlight!🔦

✨Ladies and Gentlemen, please direct your attention front and center & Meet Mike!✨

"Hi! I'm Mike Gordon, and I've been involved with Team Foster since 2016. My friend and I registered on a whim because we were looking to do our first century and wanted a small ride for a cause that we really supported. Fast forward 6 years and I've made some of my closest friends through the organization. I currently serve on the Foster 100 planning committee and help organize the famous Wednesday night social rides and weekend training rides. I also am entering my third year as a platoon leader for the Foster 100, and am looking forward to this years ride! See you there, rain or shine!"

T-4 DAYS until the F100 Classic! How are all my virtual riders doing?! 🚲
✨Welcome to Foster 100 week! In preparation for the Foster 100 Classic THIS Saturday, 9/11, we wanted to highlight a few of our riders for this year. ✨

Up first: Sue! 🌟

"I have been cycling for close to 2 decades; I got started late! I started doing triathlons but discovered the competition wasn't for me. I just wanted to ride my bike. I joined a bike club and have been riding all over since then. I enjoyed the long distance riding, so I started signing up for charity rides.

A friend of mine introduced me to the Foster 100 bike ride. I have 2 sons in the military, so it just seemed right for me to support this awesome cause. This is a way for me to help out those who have sacrificed so much for us.

The first time I rode, I had so much fun. One year, I had the privilege of carrying the flag home. It was an awesome experience for me; one I will not forget. I will continue to ride as long as I can."

Stay tuned for more rider spotlights and hype leading up to the Foster 100 Classic! #foster100 #cyclistspotlight
T- ONE WEEK until the Foster 100 Classic! Want to get involved? Enlist in our volunteer Army! Link in our bio and go to the events tab.